The Cold Nights & Colder Hearts

by Elrenedius

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released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Elrenedius Sydney, Australia

Many thanks to anyone who helped along the way.

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Track Name: Misplaced Beliefs
You can't see past your nose
Arrogance over senses

Your eyes see blindly
Your mistakes, they haunt me
Even when you search the world
You'll still see it flat

My body cries for release
These chains hang off me
See me now, I'm burnt out
Because of you, I cry now

Though I have to wait
I count down the moments till my embrace
Now I value light
It is captured in the night
Track Name: Cannibal
This blowout known as my life
Once had pride,
now lays by the pits

You heartless fuck
Came at me with all you've got
When you saw me falling down
You helped to lay me out

You cannibal, you gutted family
But only I seem lonely
So my faith has all but gone too
But now I am free too

Die without any fucking virtue

I can't believe you're so blood hungry
What the hell did this to you
That made you kill the ones close to you

And I was close too

Free to speak from the heart that lays cold in your hands
Track Name: Stains
At the sink
In my bathroom
Scrubbing furiously
I try to get the stains
Off of me

I reek of discontent
Hatred and murderous intent

Stains on me
Stains of the memories I see
Stains of the things you believe
All I wanted was peace
Now your stains cover me

This disheartened man
Has no faith left in this land

What did you think
Would come from this
Track Name: How Low Can You Go?
10 fingers crossed
that this'll get through to you
Your sickness is
Deluding you
Can you not see
Through Maya's veil?
Let me guess I'm
Just telling tales

This is the point you crossed
No one here to salvage what you've done

I can't believe how far
that you've come to
destroy what I considered
my life

Roll up your sleeves cause this
War has just begun and
I can't stand what you've done
Broken my ambitions
Overcome by your thoughts
Memories now cycle my head
Do you even care?
My spirits are as low as they come

Can't believe just what they have
Thought of me
Wanted to change me
But just brought the worst out of me
Track Name: Love is Torture
I know a little about this sickness
An obsessive state of fragility and hate
I know something that'll kill us
The longing, suspicions awake

Capture the image
With impressions of late
See the power in your mistakes
Or it all falls to hate

You only see what you believed
Is the truth that you perceived
Just like me we fear their deceit
We see their hunger for meat
But there's gotta be room for change
Praying to a name that I forsake
Now I know just what it takes to grow
See past what I know and make love worth the show

Set your eyes on peace
All that's left in me
I've given all I can be
This love is torture
and that's all it'll be
Forever training the weak
To fall further into
Distorted day dreams

I can't comprehend
The reality you see
But you too
Think the same of me

But I see
The error
In what I
What I think
About you
Say your abuse
For speaking