by Elrenedius

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released February 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Elrenedius Sydney, Australia

Many thanks to anyone who helped along the way.

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Track Name: Intro/Searching...
No one is free.
Track Name: Running Blind
Letting the sky fall even though I saw just what
Cracked and came through
Brought illness too

Nothing I could do would save you from dying too

This earth will never again see what it meant to be clean
Never be clean
Because of who we are

I can't find the time
To look after more then mine

So I'll watch time
Erode all life
Track Name: The Persecution Before the Verdict
I used to keep myself on top of life
But look at me, a fucking waste of life

There is no one who has ever made me sink
Like you have, holding me underneath
My final breath, I await death's lead

Is this what you really want from me?

I alone see a world flipped upside down
A world making less since to me now
I alone believe that none of this is deserved by me
Not meant for me

But thanks to you
My one and only enemy
I am eternally in hell
My one and only enemy

No one would believe, no one ever has
But as long as one day I am free
I wouldn't give a shit who left me

I think I have damaged my brain
I think I have wasted my last days
Track Name: Jaded Eyes
I will no longer stand
No longer fight your facts
You can do as please
I lay at your feet

The more I tried
Like quick sand
The quicker I came to my demise

Nobody would throw a line
But I was never asking
Sight jaded in your whispers

How can I be sure of anyone?
How can I be sure of you?

Nothing that comes out of your mouth
Will sound the same again
Nothing I can do, there'll be nothing in the end

Look deep inside my heart
Do you even see a light?

What'd I just think?
In a second it's gone
Track Name: Sinless
I can't feel the fire
Feel the fire of my soul burning

It's been saturated by the memories
You gave me
Thank you dearly

I can't look back
Without seeing the scenes of my life change
Before my eyes
I can't see it clearly anymore

I can't hold back
And I have snapped
All my thoughts will
Find their way through
I can't fight it too

All the things you said to me
I thought I knew
But when I look back, I see
It's never the same with you
Track Name: The Right Mistakes
I took all the wrong turns
On a journey destined for failiure
Nothing could correct
These lessons embeded in me

You can't teach an old dog new tricks

Back tracked my life
Nothing could correct
This mistake
My life ends its journey
Until I find a way out

This time I see my mistake
It had nothing to do with
What I'm accused of being
My only crime was listening

I followed the blind and now we're both lost

Nobody knows what to do with me
Minutes from abaddoning me
The clock just struck midnight
The end is near
Track Name: System Failing
I see the words stumble out of your mouth
Everytime I ask why we bother
You seem to always know
You fucking always say you know

So this life is a constant drive for some ink covered plastic?
No really passion in this empty home?
But that's alright cause you can enjoy it if you work for it
Nine to five expect you'll need at least 12 years of shit
That you (Then you've won) never needed to learn in their way
But not till after you've lived till your last days
Oh wait...

You raped the odds
By complicating a life that was never meant to last

I don't know if there's even a way
But complacents would've left us in the stone age

You raped the odds
Track Name: Nature Boy
Drain my strength dry
I have nothing left inside
Born to rot
Born to die
There is no reason
For this life

Why the fuck are we even here?

Better then death?
We are dying if not already gone

The hardest thing I heard to learn
Is to love and be loved in return
Then we are really that dead inside
That no love can pierce the ice

No love can bring us life
Track Name: Open Shell
I can't fucking recognise myself
Everything I've become makes every mistake
Look like a wrist slap crime

Nothing can fix this
Nothing can be done

I am here and right here I'll stay
No one looks at me the same way

There is little I haven't said
So, here I am, opened up

Insides raw
My true colours shown

Even though I spoke every word honestly
I hear the same theories float around me

I used to rot my mind considering their beliefs
But I believe that some beliefs are better off dead

Few knew me and none believed
But I couldn't give a fuck who didn't support me
As long as one day, I see myself again
Inside and out, to be the way I used to be
Track Name: Fool
The corridors of my mind
Shifting, never still

Never able to be walked through
Not without finding something that shouldn't be

Could never be

But I believe it all the same
So fuck the fool

No one comes through what I'm going through
It's a deadend and I'm stuck at the start

Waiting to be pulled through
Waiting for something new
Waiting, something old would do

These are my cards and I dealt them out too
So, I'll keep waiting
The fucking fool
Track Name: Brittle Hands
I can't take this weight anymore
It's crushing me, bringing me to my knees
Someone free me

Bounded to a life left behind
Decisions were never mine
But I stood by and watched someone die
My life lost

My life

Here's to death
Now rip out my eyes
I will see no evil
Not even mine